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Revalue the past today to embellish tomorrow.

Inspired by nature, A.U.R Paris grants immortality to the shape of the most beautiful plants. The leaves picked by the seasons are dried and their imprints are applied on the clothing item, like a confection of a textile herbarium.

This botanical beauty is incarnated on the exclusive pieces already existing, from unsold textile items.

The 24 carats’ embroideries underline the nature. These crafts are made by hand in France in order to valorise the exceptional French savoir-faire. Embroidered with gold, the clothing item makes light dance and catch the sight.

Ethical et responsible, A.U.R Paris design each clothing item as a precious jewel, with nature as an inspiration.

The clothing item becomes precious, it becomes a jewel.

Credit : Photo Samantha Estrella / Photographer assistant : Lou-Anne Coré / Models : Marion Lucas, Anaïs Diaye, Emy

Textile Herbarium
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